Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Family of Immigrants

Polish? Really?  Doug always thought his father was of Italian descent, but not so. In fact, to look at him, he's always had a darker complexion, and thick, dark hair, just an Italian look.  And we already knew from marriage certificates and birth certificates that on his mothers side, his great grandparents were all (well 3 of them) immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain-  so his attributes really didn't seem like they'd come from any of those countries.  But now we also know that Doug's father's line were also recent immigrants, his great grandfather (same generation) on that side, came over from either Poland or Austria.  The census records had 2 different birthplaces for Stanleys father, but... I also found a mention of Polish recipes in a family obituary, and found a link to a Polish family heritage page being searched by someone else researching the family name.  So, it's looking like Poland is the right location.  The last name was also changed twice in those census records, from Wufkowski to Lukawski, and finally to Lucas.  I'm guessing that there was some problem with translation when the census was taken.  So right now, I still have some more branches to research, his grandmother & great grandparents on her side, and still have the one branch of his mothers side for great grandparents to get more on, but everyone so far in his line has been immigrants just 3 generations back from him.  Just another interesting fact to build on... 

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